Monday, January 23, 2012

Round 50: Tony Nix, OF, University of California-Riverside

(from Bobby Hester,

Baseball-Reference                                                                                                      UC Riverside Bio

No 2011 stats available.

Sean's one sentence analysis:
Tony Nix is a hacker who showed decent power during the 2010 season but saw it disappear in 2011.

Thoughts from the community:
"As the last player taken, Nix is a longshot to play beyond the GCL... if at all. Below-average plate discipline but above-average power, and like many of the OFs taken in '11, a defensive stalwart. At 23, he'll have to impress in a hurry to stick." - Luke Erickson, Nationals Prospects (@nats_prospects)

"We clearly drafted him as a 50th round completely flier based on his potential coming out of high school (when he was all-state in California, no mean feat) and his junior year stats (but why wasn't he drafted in 2010?). He seems to be a corner outfielder without 25-homer talent, meaning he needs to hit for the same kind of average he showed in college in 2009-2010. Interestingly, he was a college teammate of lefty pitcher Paul Applebee; perhaps our area scout who recommended Applebee saw something in Nix a couple years ago and when the time came to put in a throw-away 50th rounder, he piped up. Concerning that he didn't even appear in the GCL after signing in june: where is he? Is he hurt?" - Todd Boss, Nationals Arm Race (@toddeboss)

Previous analysis and notes:
Nix dominated opponents in 2010, hitting .361/.425/.699 with 19 2B, 2 3B and 11 HR. His success did not transfer into the 2011 season as well, with a .282/.343/.422 triple slash, 18 2B, 1 3B and 3 HR. If Nix wants success at the next level, he must improve his plate discipline (36 BB/109 K at UCR).

Nix signed with the Nationals on June 16, 2011. He did not play on any affiliated teams in 2011 and was not invited to the team's Fall Instructional League. His current status is up in the air.

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