Sunday, June 26, 2011

Round 42: David Kerian, SS, Bishop Heelan HS (Iowa)

Perfect Game profile (includes scouting videos)

One sentence analysis:
Switch-hitting middle infielders are not easy to come by, and Kerian sounds more eager to sign than most 40+ round high schoolers do, but I'm still not getting my hopes up.

More analysis and notes:
Kerian sounds excited to be drafted, but is signed with the University of Illinois. Interestingly, his father Steve is a legendary fastpitch softball player.

From Jerry Giese, The Sioux City Journal, 6/13/11: "'(The Nationals) said switch-hitting is a big asset for me,' said Kerian. 'I'll continue to do it until something happens or hope to continue. I'll continue to work hard.' 'He's an elite hitter from the right side and from the left, he's good,' said Osborne. 'When he's ahead in the count, he's dangerous. Down the road, will he switch? I think his coach will convince him to swing from one side or the other.'"

From Michael Klos, KTIV, 6/8/11: "'Ever since I was little, I always wanted to be drafted right out of high school, so I put in the hours to be able to do that, working hard in the off-season,' said David Kerian, Bishop Heelan Senior. 'If the opportunity to sign with the Nationals comes up and I get a good enough deal, then there is a chance I might go. Right now I just want to stay in school and continue my education.' Kerian says he's still looking at offers to play baseball at the collegiate level (note-he verbally committed to Illinois on 6/13/11)."

From Baseball Web TV: Scouting video.

From All Sports Tube, 7/3/09: Scouting video.

Kerian has not signed with the Nationals.

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